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Should you wish to donate, you may do so at:

GCash number: 09175105391


  • The holder of a Libreta Santa pledges to support Bethel—Place of Solitude through a monthly contribution according to one’s generosity and means. This pledge should have a minimum amount of no less than One Hundred Pesos (Php 100.00) per month, for the period of two years as his or her donation to the on-going developments in Bethel, and for the material and spiritual support to the members of the Our Lady’s Hermits of Bethel (OLHB), and the Oblates of Our Lady of Bethel (OLB).

  • The holder of this Libreta Santa, through proper registration, becomes a member of the Friends of Bethel, and hence participates, through their faithful contribution, in the spiritual benefits of prayers and masses offered at Bethel—Place of Solitude

  • The holder of the Libreta Santa endeavors to pray daily the prayers included for the sake of their own spiritual nourishment, as an act of solidarity with bone fide hermits and oblates of Bethel, and for the intentions of other members of the Friends of Our Lady of Bethel.

  • The holder shall receive notices before the month ends to remind them of their monthly contribution, and other notices to inform them of the events and news at Bethel and its members.

  • The holders shall surrender this Libreta Santa to designated person(s) assigned to receive their monthly pledge for proper recording of contribution, and to have the Libreta Santa properly stamped as proof of contribution.

  • The holder, at the end of two (2) years, or with a total pledge of at least Php 2,400.00, shall receive a Certificate of Full and Perpetual Membership to the Confraternity of Our Lady of Bethel receiving full beneficent rights and spiritual privileges.

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